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British seat kits are made from the finest quality vinyl available in England. Each seat kit comes with bottom and backrest to do (2) seats. These seat kits are perfo-rated and textured as the original specs. Seat foams and headrests sold separately. Price's below are for black kits, we do stock coloured kits for slightly higher price.

Seat Kits

Seat Kits 1963-1965
Code: midget-sc203a
Price: $525.00
Seat Kits 1968-1969
Code: midget-sc205a
Price: $525.00
Seat Kits 1970-1979
Code: midget-sc206a
Price: $649.00
Seat webbing w/hooks
Code: midget-aha9928
Price: $29.95
Seat foam car per seat 1968-79
Code: midget-hmp215
Price: $195.00
Headrest assembly
Code: midget-headrest
Price: $119.00
Seat rail
Code: midget-ms53
Price: $29.95
Seat Kits 1965-1967
Code: midget-sc204a
Price: $525.00