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Monza exhaust systems allow cooler,smoother engine operation and increased gas mileage. Monza exhaust systems are specifically engineered to provide the highest quality, best sounding, most stylish and greatest performing system available.Increase your car’s power by eliminating the backpressure the gas turbulence that literally puts a chokehold on your car’s perforance. Pace Setter’s Header system are built to perform and last.

Monza Exhaust System

Exhaust system rear section 1964-1974
Code: midget-88-1242
Price: $299.00
Dual tips 1975-1980
Code: midget-88-1333
Price: $495.00
Header 1961-1974
Code: midget-70-1042
Price: $299.00
Header 1975-1980
Code: midget-70-1046
Price: $299.00