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Bell have been producing stainless steel exhaust sine 1983. Specializing in the classic car market, their products are well known for quality and durability, enjoying a warrant return rate of only 1%. Produced using high grade stainless steel and test under extreme conditions, you can't buy a better stainless steel exhaust system for your classic car. Kits include front pipe, center muffler, rear muffter.

British Exhaust / Bell Stainless Steel

British exhaust Pipe 1969-1974
Code: midget-aha8688
Price: $109.00
British exhaust Pipe 1975-1979
Code: midget-mg0401
Price: $119.00
Bell stainless steel 948 system 1959-1964
Code: midget-452-000
Price: $369.00
Bell stainless steel 1275 1967-1968 system
Code: midget-452-010
Price: $299.00
Bell stainless steel 1275 1969-1972 system
Code: midget-452-015
Price: $495.00
Bell stainless steel 1275 1973-1974 system
Code: midget-452-025
Price: $495.00
Bell stainless steel 1500 system 1975-1979
Code: midget-452-030
Price: $495.00
British exhaust Pipe 1961-1968
Code: midget-gex1306
Price: $109.00
British exhaust Pipe 1964-1973
Code: midget-mg0301
Price: $95.00
British exhaust Muffler 1964-1973
Code: midget-mg0307
Price: $199.00
British exhaust Pipe 1975-1979
Code: midget-mg0406
Price: $119.00
British exhaust Muffler/Pipe 1975-1979
Code: midget-mg0407
Price: $189.00