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Body Trim Rubbers/Seals

Windshield clear
Code: midget-fcw170c
Price: $349.00
Windshield post pad
Code: midget-aha7093-4
Price: $7.95
Windshield seal
Code: midget-88g455
Price: $39.95
Side pillar seal
Code: midget-27h4300
Price: $7.95
Windshield to body frame seal
Code: midget-aha7698
Price: $24.95
Pivot lower
Code: midget-aha9984-85
Price: $12.95
Pivot upper
Code: midget-aha9982-83
Price: $12.95
Corner block
Code: midget-aha9986
Price: $4.99
Lower vent seal RH/LH
Code: midget-aha7746-47
Price: $4.99
Vent window seal RH/LH
Code: midget-aha7416-17
Price: $24.95
Inner door seal LH/RH
Code: midget-aha7719-20
Price: $11.95
Outer door seal LH/RH
Code: midget-aha7634-35
Price: $12.95
Hood buffer
Code: midget-aha5674
Price: $8.95
Trunk seal
Code: midget-cha797
Price: $24.95
Header rail channel
Code: midget-aha7350
Price: $19.95
Header rail seals to windshield
Code: midget-bhh2273
Price: $24.95
Furflex door trim
Code: midget-631321
Price: $49.95
Plastic door trim
Code: midget-xga7927
Price: $35.95